Fancy Monster HM Breeder Pair (050428)

Great colour and caudal spread.

Nice breeder pair.

Video link below:


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    As at April 2020

    Shipping Policy - Fishchick Aquatics

    NB: The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused significant delays in shipping times.  At present we are ONLY shipping out on MONDAY & TUESDAY.
    If you purchase from Wed - Sun we will ship on the following MONDAY. 

    DOA (Dead On Arrival) Policy for Shipped fish

    While we take great care in preparing and shipping

    fish, sometimes the stress of transport is too great. We

    are willing to refund the cost of any fish that arrives

    dead in the bag –subject to the following terms and


    You MUST provide your FULL CORRECT

    address and contact phone number every time

    you purchase. Items shipped without a phone

    number are NOT COVERED FOR ANY DOA or


    A tracking number will be sent on the evening they fish

    are shipped out. You must use this to keep an eye on

    when the fish will be delivered and to note if there are

    any issues. DO NOT leave checking the tracking until

    days later!

    Fastway Road Couriers

    Fastway deliver door to door and require a signature

    on receipt. If you are not there to sign, they will leave

    the box. We do not cover any loss or theft of items left

    without a signature. If you cannot be home, arrange to

    have the box sent to a friend, relative or your work.

    Any DOA must be photographed in the bag within 3

    hrs of receipt of delivery (when you sign for the fish or

    when it is left) Photos must be forwarded to

    0431167315 or within 3 hrs of

    receipt of fish.

    It is your responsibility to contact Fastway in

    your area to find out when the driver will be in

    your street.

    Go to

    If you have not received the fish by the expected time,

    you must call the courier and find out what is

    happening. Fastway depots close at 5pm. Please do not

    wait until 5pm to try and track down a shipment!

    Not all areas can be serviced by courier. When sending

    livestock, Fastway couriers will not be considered for

    routes with travel time over 2 days.

    Dry goods and accessories are acceptable.

    Pricing: Blue Zone (Brisbane/Ipswich) - $18, Lime Zone (Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba) - $20, Red Zone (Sydney, Rockhamption) $25, Orange Zone (Melbourne, Canberra) - $35


    Most shipments by TOLL are overnight.
    If you are not there to receive the box will be left on your doorstep.

    Conditions as per Fastway above.
    Pricing: 1kg satchel - $28, 3kg satchel $32, 5kg satchel $40

    Items left without a signature are not covered for theft or loss.

    Couriered items are fully tracked. Lost or misdirected items are generally recovered without issue.

    Australia Post:

    This is the default for shipping 1-2 Bettas outside of the Brisbane SE QLD Region.  If you do not want to use Aus Post you need to inform us and pay the extra $8 to use TOLL.

    This method seldom presents any issues.  However, if you cannot be home to take delivery, please arrange an alternative address such as work or parcel locker.

    We offer live arrival on all Bettas for shipping times under 2 days ONLY.

    As per other methods, DOA must be photographed and forwarded to us within 3 hours of delivery. Items left without signature (optional extra of $3) will not be covered for theft, loss or delivery errors.

    Cost guide:

    $20 by express post

    $25 by express post = 1kg satchel up to 4 small/medium bettas or 2 Giant bettas (long distance)

    $30 by express post = 3kg satchel

    As per 1 kg plus 1 bag leaves or 2-4 potted plants (depends on size) or several accessories (depends on size) such as a tin of
    BSE or scoop etc

    $35 by express post = 5kg Satchel up to 20 medium bettas or up to 10 giant bettas or a combination of fish and plants/accessories

    Shipments containing no live fish, plants or cultures: up to 500g = $8 standard post, $12 express post, 3kg satchel = $17

    If all fish in a shipment arrive DOA we will refund the cost of the fish and the shipping. If not all fish are DOA we will refund the cost of the DOA fish only.

    Payments by direct deposit will be refunded to your account. Please provide bank account details.
    Paypal payments will be reversed. Refund amount will be the cost of the fish as if it was purchased separately, regardless if it is part of a pair or trio.
    Replacement stock shipped at buyer's expense. The decision to refund or replace is at the sole discretion of Fishchick Aquatics. If you elect to have a replacement shipped and then change your mind you will not be entitled to any refunds.

    If your fish arrive sick or weak you must notify us of their condition within 24 hrs.

    Notifications after this time will not be considered for any subsequent DOA claim.

    Please accurately describe the symptoms, including water parameters (precise measurements), so a diagnosis may be made.
    If you do not know the ideal water conditions for the fish you are receiving please ASK or do some research. If you do not know how to CORRECTLY un-bag fish, please ASK.
    Adjust your water to the requirements of the fish – not the other way around!


    General shipping info: All fish are double bagged.
    Large fighters or wild bettas are inflated with pure oxygen. We add some form of shipping aid to the water eg stressguard/stresscoat, ammolock. During cold months a heatpack is added to the box. Halfmoon Males may be shipped lightly sedated in an effort to prevent them chewing their fins during shipping. This means they are often a little groggy on arrival. Do not panic. Just allow the fish to recover in his tank. Regardless of if they are sedated or not, it can take fish a day or 2 to recover from shipping.
    DO NOT FEED fish on the day of arrival. It takes time for the gut microflora to re-establish. Most imported fish are accustomed to live food. They may refuse pellets. Vary the diet to see what they will accept. Feed lightly for the first couple of days.
    We would appreciate if you could advise us of any adverse weather conditions, road closures, natural disasters, local public holidays etc that may affect the safe shipping of your fish.
    We reserve the right to refuse to ship fish durinperiods of extreme weather or times of natural disasters.

    During cold/hot weather we add heat packs/ice packs at no extra cost.


    We CANNOT guarantee an exact shipping orarrival date. You will be notified by email with a tracking number once the fish have been shipped. We ship out Mon-Wed. Those packages with the longest travel time will be shipped out first. It is not always possible to send fish on an assigned day.

    NB: There is NO guarantee that estimated arrival times will be met.

    Post can be delayed, airport workers go on strike, natural disasters, accidents and breakdowns can stop road transport. Arrival days are “best-case scenario” ONLY. Please make alternative arrangements if you cannot take possession of your shipment on other days.
    If you take time off work, or arrange for someone to be home to receive the delivery, be aware that it may not arrive on that day.

    PLEASE NOTE Re Bettas: we are not responsible for fish that arrive with chewed or damaged tails, fish that will not eat or breed for you, or generally fail to thrive after they arrive. All fish are in good health at time of shipment.

    White, gold, yellow and cellophane colours also change over time.
    Goldfish can also change colour. Please use fin shape etc as identification before accusing us of sending you the wrong fish.

    **If you arrange payment for shipping you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions **

    *If you are under 18year of age you must have your parent’s permission before purchasing*

    Policy As at April 2020

    © Copyright, Fishchick Aquatics April 2016

  • General Information


    Buyers from WA, TAS and NT please note the following:
    Fish to NT require a translocation permit (free, online application)
    Fish to TAS require an import permit.  We may be able to arrange transhipping, additional fees apply.  Please contact us BEFORE purchasing.
    Fish to WA require Bioseciruty clearance.  Please discuss with us before purchase as additional charges apply.

    Please note: 
    Fish are sold “AS IS” as per video. All fish are unique and may have flaws, irregularities, bumps, damage etc.
    We recommend you use a computer to view.
    NB: Marble, Grizzle, White, Gold and several other colours WILL CHANGE COLOUR over time.  
    They may change between when photographed and when shipped.  If you are purchasing the fish for the colour alone, please check with us to see if the fish has changed before we ship out.
    Once shipped we are not responsible for any natural colour change the fish may go through.

    When paying via PayPal, please note the PayPal account used will be the primary email and often the only method we have to communicate to you. Please ensure you check this email account for your tracking number.

    Fish will be shipped to the address you have registered with PayPal.
    It is a breach of PayPal’s policy to ship to another address. Please ensure you provided the correct address, we cannot change what is listed.

    1-2 bettas will ship by express post for $18.00 to most areas.
    TOLL 1-3 (possibly 4 Bettas) for $28
    Fastway Local zone (Brisbane/Ipswich) is also $18
    Others Calculated at checkout.
    (includes heat-pack/cold-pack as required) 

    We will always combine orders and refund any excess postage.
    Please read the shipping policy before purchasing live fish.
    Fish are shipped ASAP after purchase.  We cannot hold stock.  
    You MUST be able to take delivery within a couple of days of purchase.
    Shipping days are Mon-Tue ONLY.  Due to virus related restrictions, shipping is slower than normal.
    We will email through tracking on the evening of shipment


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